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People are understanding that if they want to own a property in Castle Hill, they are now seriously considering apartment options. They may have been renting in the area for a while or their children go to school in the area. They could also be downsizing, purchasing their first home or upgrading. In every way they are settled into the community and understand that property ownership creates wealth.


Purchasing in Chateau Showground is a smart investment. Some figures below demonstrate how owning a property in Chateau Showground is achievable.

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In August 2021 the majority of houses in Castle Hill sold for more than $2,000,000.

With the potential for that figure to rise due to high demand and low supply. 


The Hills district has a diverse community of friendly people from many backgrounds. It offers a convenient lifestyle with a good combination of retail, restaurants, and recreation. It also has many parks, sports fields, plus walking and cycling tracks. There really is everything you need for a balanced lifestyle.

Castle Hill is a favourable choice for people wanting to live in a safe area with good education opportunities. More people are aware of the Hills District than ever before, and they want to own a place to call home. Chateau Showground offers a unique property solution because of its stunning design. It is the smart investment for people wanting luxury finishes and functional layouts.

If living in a majority owner occupied complex is appealing, then it’s important to know that 80% of owners plan on living there. Chateau Showground is only three minutes to Castle Hill or Norwest on the Metro train. That means you get the benefits of a relaxing and convenient lifestyle within close proximity of two hubs.