CHateau Bag (Perspective adjusted).jpg

We are excited to announce our newly designed, environmentally friendly jute tote bags for our Chateau project! 👜 Jute bags are highly functional, versatile, sustainable and 100% biodegradable alternative to plastic which make them a perfect shopping bag or a storage organiser for cupboards.

Bridgestone Projects have taken a green approach from its product to residential design which also resonates with our project in many other ways, including its 5-star standard renewable energy system in the design, including the layer of solar panels. The proposed development incorporates a substantial amount of green roof and green gardens, both within communal and private roof terraces. The development will also incorporate a substantial amount of green landscaping across the entire site (ground level and roof), including extensive planting, a communal courtyard & Zen garden and water features.

We continuously strive to maintain a sustainable living by making sustainable choices, we aim to enable the well-being of the environment and safe living for our residents🍃☘️🌿