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The construction team is excited to be on site and everything is full steam ahead.
Being off site for a couple of weeks meant the crew got used to some home cooked lunches, however they are happy to be back doing what they love to do.
Fortunately the project timing is on track and we look forward to providing you with more updates.
Construction in Progress
•    Construction certificate for Shoring (Piling), and bulk excavation has been approved
•    The piling works involve drilling large holes around the perimeter of the site and filling them with concrete. This creates large columns in the ground which hold the soil back as we excavate. These columns are held in place at 3m intervals by ground anchors which are long steel poles drilled through piles at 45 degree angle into the soil on the other side. This retains the concrete piles (columns) in place as we excavate down to basement.
•    The sewer line that runs through the site will be temporarily diverted to make way for the excavation before it is repositioned in the coming months.

Construction work next month
•    Obtain Construction Certificate for structure from basement to the podium level
•    Commence design of the structure from podium to the roof level and services design
•    Continue piling, installation of ground anchors and excavation works

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By the way, you can always stay in touch with the team.
Our customers are appreciating the screen share meetings with the Sales Manager, Scott Haggarty.


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