JUNE 2022

The Rise Of The Building's.

The difference between haste and speed is to do the job effectively and efficiently in a controlled manner compared to rushing through as if a stopwatch is the master.


A steady pace of progress and quality control is the balanced formula Westbourne Constructions maintain.


Concrete truck’s are scheduled daily and the teams are well prepared and ready. Cleverly the trucks disperse the concrete to the pump booms that are aimed and guided by remote control down to the worksite.


Before every pour the job site is audited by the foreman and engineers. A final check of the form work and steel is given the approval for tonnes of concrete to be worked.


Everyone enjoy’s an upgrade and Bridgestone Projects is proud to let you know that all window’s have been upgraded to double glazed. We are also increasing the amount of solar panels on the rooftops that will generate power to minimise strata costs.

To find out more about the latest Construction progress click the video above or the link: Watch Video