OCT 2021


Integrity and probity ~ endorsement from the NSW Building Commissioner

Developers around Sydney are trembling when they are told that David Chandler the building commissioner of NSW will be on site. He has the power to enter, inspect and shut down building sites plus swiftly remove certifiers accreditation. Put in simple terms, the certifiers sign off on the works that should meet standards of the Building Code of Australia.

David is an outspoken veteran of the industry who is overhauling the Sydney’s construction industry. Currently only nine builders in NSW have been endorsed by David who stated that “Westbourne Constructions are worth considering”. A simple and to the point remark from a man that does not mix his words and cannot be seen to be favouring individual builders that show real commitment.


Back on site at 16 Middleton Avenue its all about big machines and hard hats.
The pace of excavation increased once the sewer line that traversed through the site was diverted around the perimeter.

The bulk of the works is focused on the removal of soil. We have reached the lower basement level and once we hit rock it is time to introduce some serious machines to cut and remove thousands more tonnes. Over the next few months rock will be removed to create a detailed excavation.

The crane footings are due to commence in December 2021. Above ground the projects team of twenty are working on the detailed design and planning full time until around April 2022.

The executive team and project manager is on site daily to ensure the day to day operations are done in a controlled and safe manner. Their dedication to protecting the safety of the teams working on the project is a testament to the management team at Westbourne Construction.


A link to the article written by David Chandler NSW building Commissioner:


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